Welcome! On this page you’ll find all the materials to coordinate and deliver the Connect4Work Introduction to Computers for Job Seekers program – even if you’re not a computer expert!

Everything you need: Lesson plans, printable lessons for the learner, presentation slide decks, promotional materials and ideas are all included – ready to use and print, and/or editable to customize.

The Facilitator Guidebook will step you through planning your Connect4Work program from intake forms to assessment, with lots of tips for setting up a successful classroom, hardware and software needs, estimated costs, tips for teaching adult learners, overcoming barriers and incorporating guest teachers to introduce local online and in-person services and organizations.

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About the program

The CONNECT4WORK Introduction to computers for job seekers program was developed in response to a need for people to be able to find and apply for jobs online, but who have little or no experience using a laptop computer or technology.

  • You can use all 12 lessons or use just the lessons that your learners need.
  • The program incorporates guest teachers from local organizations that have resources and services to help job seekers, like libraries, employment centres and learning organizations. You can customize your program with your local organizations or choose to cover those sections yourself.

Program Goals

Introduce adults to using technology to:

  • look for and apply for work
  • access online health, government and other services
  • pursue continuing education
  • connect to family and community

On program completion, learners will be able to:

  • use a laptop to search for and apply for work
  • take online classes to upgrade their skills or explore new careers
  • use a conferencing/learning platform like zoom
  • communicate effectively through email
  • become familiar with Word to edit or create a resume and cover letter
  • access online services for banking, libraries, health and government services

Program Length

  • The program includes 12 lessons, approximately 3 hours each.
  • Allow additional time for set up and after class questions.

Program materials include:

  • Guidebook for facilitators – PDF (start with this!)
  • 12 teacher lesson plans and class outline charts – Word and PDF
  • 12 learner lessons – Word and PDF
  • 12 PowerPoint presentation slide decks – PPT and PDF
  • Editable promotional materials – PDF and Illustrator
  • Intake, assessment and all related forms – Word and PDF

A few tips before you begin:

  • Read the Facilitator Guidebook before you begin planning your program.
  • You need about 12 weeks lead time if you are planning to use guest teachers. This also allows time for promoting the program and recruiting learners.
  • Use the PDFs of materials unless you plan to edit the original lesson documents.
  • You can edit the promotional material PDFs to add your program information and your organization’s logo.

Program Facilitator Guidebook

START HERE: The Connect4Work Facilitator Guidebook gives program facilitators all the information they need to run a full 36-hour program or to teach separate components of the program as needed.

The Program Facilitator Guidebook includes:

  • Program and lesson overview
  • Costs and funding information
  • Technical and classroom considerations
  • Promotional ideas
  • Tips for finding and coordinating guest teachers
  • Overcoming learner barriers
  • Tips for teaching adults
  • Clear Language and Design guidelines

START HERE: Download Connect4Work Program Facilitator Guidebook

Editable Promotional Materials

Use these ready-made files for low-tech or high-tech promotion of your Connect4Work program.
You can edit the PDFS to customize or request the original files.
Instructions for editing PDFs are in the Facilitator Guidebook.

  • Brochure – PDF and InDesign files
  • Printable poster with tear-off numbers – PDF and Illustrator files
  • ¼ page flyers – PDF and Illustrator files
  • Poster for social media – PDF and Illustrator files
  • Simple square graphic for social media – PDF and Illustrator files
  • FAQ – PDF and Word files
  • Sample press release – Word file
Social Media Post
Poster with tear-off phone number
1/4 page flyer

Download the editable promotional materials

Learner Intake and Assessment Forms

Copies of all forms are included as PDFs and Word documents in the program package online. You can edit them to add your organization’s logo and contact information.

  • Learner Intake
  • Learner Commitment
  • Participant Consent
  • Privacy Policy
  • Program Evaluation

Download intake and assessment forms


Each lesson contains:

  • Class Outline – timing of the class
  • Facilitator Lesson Plan – includes extra speaking notes and is matched to PPT slides
  • Lesson PowerPoint Presentation Slide Deck – includes speaking notes
  • Learner Copy of the lesson – to print and put in binders for learners
  • Additional handouts – to print for learners
  • Ready-to-print files in PDF format
  • Original files to edit in Word and PowerPoint

We recommend you use the PDF versions unless you plan to edit the lessons, and are comfortable with Word formatting and styles. You can still make minor edits to the PDF if needed.

Lessons include:

  1. Meet the Laptop
  2. Going Online
  3. Email
  4. Zoom Video Chat
  5. Online Services
  6. Introduction to Word
  7. Files, Folders & Photos
  8. File Explorer-USB Backups
  9. Facebook for Job Seekers
  10. Online Training
  11. Online Shopping
  12. Buying a Laptop

About the Learner Copy of Lessons

A detailed table of contents lets learners find topics easily to practice at home.

Lessons are in PLAIN LANGUAGE, large print, and have plenty of white space,

headings and keywords are HIGHLIGHTed in blue.

Blue arrows show keyboard actions,

Green boxes provide learner practice and extra information.

Each lesson ends with a ‘Now I can’ list, to confirm learning and boost confidence.

About Facilitator Lesson Plans

The Facilitator Lesson Plans match the Learn Copy of Lessons, and include the corresponding slide deck number and additional notes for the Teacher.

About the presentation slide deck

PowerPoint presentation slide decks correspond with numbers on Facilitator’s Lesson Plan. The presentation gives visual cues, keeps audience engaged, and includes some animation and videos.

For teachers: Download all CONNECT4WORK Lesson ZIP files here.

For learners: Download Learner Copy PDF of all Lessons (Textbook of 12 Lessons).



CONNECT4WORK is coordinated by the Mount Waddington Family Literacy Society and supported by Decoda Literacy Solutions and the Government of Canada.